Thirty six hours

To Achieve greatness

Building isn't for the weak. It demands grit. Courage. Fire. And the ability to look past those who call you crazy - those who say you will fail. Because maybe you will. In fact, you'll fail 99 times before you succeed once. But when you finally make it - when you finally taste the glorious fruits of your triumph - that's when you'll realize you never truly failed.

Welcome to Atlanta.


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  • What is HackGT?
  • HackGT is Georgia Tech's first official national hackathon. Over 1,000 hackers from across the nation will travel by bus and plane to represent their universities at the biggest event of its kind in the South. Grab up to 3 teammates and prepare to rock.
  • What should I bring?
  • Everything you need to be a healthy and hygienic human being for two nights. After you pack your laptops, phones, chargers, headphones, and other electronic gear, be sure to grab your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, contact solution, towel, and whatever else you may need. Keep it minimal.
  • Do you offer travel reimbursement?
  • We're offering up to $200 in travel reimbursements for eligible hackers. Indicate your needs in your application and we'll reach out personally to take care of you.
  • When is HackGT?
  • HackGT takes place from the evening of Friday, September 19th to the early afternoon on Sunday, September 21st. Registration will open at 4pm on Friday, with the opening ceremony beginning at 5pm, and the event will conclude at 3pm on Sunday. A full schedule will be published in the near future.
  • Am I allowed to use past projects?
  • Using past code is heavily discouraged - do you really want to ruin the fun? However, you're more than welcome to use open-source projects and libraries (e.g., Bootstrap) as well as existing platforms and services (like Twilio's API).
  • What's the cost of attending?
  • HackGT is absolutely, 100% free of charge. We'll cover all of your meals and associated costs for the entire weekend. Take advantage of this.



  • Paul Judge

    Paul is an entrepreneur and noted scholar. He currently holds over 30 patents and was recognized by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine as one of the Top 100 Young Innovators in the World. Paul has also been featured in hundreds of national media outlets including CNN, Forbes, Business Week, and Fox News.

  • Joe Uhl

    Joe runs Ops at MailChimp, helping build and scale a global application for 6 million users growing by 10,000 every day. After graduating from Georgia Tech, he spent 10 years founding and working at startups throughout Atlanta. Joe is a technologist particularly interested in infrastructure, distributed systems, HPC, and managing data at scale.

  • Carie Davis

    Carie is the Global Director of Innovation + Entrepreneurship at The Coca-Cola Company. Carie aspires to help people find new ways to work. She helps people recognize problems worth solving and provides new methods for building solutions so that people, the business and the communities where Coke operates continue to grow and create value for the world. Carie also leads the partnership with UP Global whose mission resonates personally and professionally - to inspire and educate people to start something.

  • Dave Jagoda

    Dave Jagoda is the Technical Director at Andreessen Horowitz where he evaluates software developers on both a college and professional level, to ensure they pass a high programming bar. Previously he's worked at companies such as Opsware, Loudcloud, and Netscape managing teams across engineering, operations and customer support.

  • Michael Koziol

    Michael Koziol is a member of the global management team at Huge - a leading digital design and development firm. Michael manages the company’s Atlanta office and leads strategy for digital transformation, innovation, product design and development, and digital marketing programs for leading brands and organization. Huge’s clients include Lowe’s Home Improvement, Sonic Automotive, Nike, Google, TED, and others.

More to be announced soon.